Day 1,978 – Thankful for Learning to Condense and Execute

Way back in the day I would head to the Express International Leadership Conference and walk out with pages upon pages of notes and would then attempt to implement all of the good ideas immediately upon arrival… unless, of course, I attempted to implement them before I even got back. All of the possibilities seemed so awesome it was only fitting to execute all of them.

Slowly, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. There will always be more great ideas than there is time to implement all of them.

Just as I drive Gavin nuts by reminding him that restrictions are what make games truly fun I’ve got to drive myself a little bonkers by knowing I can really implement only a small handful of ideas. Like three at max. This means there will be a ton of great ideas I need to set aside until we get the first few up and running.

Today my brain is feeling very full. Over the past 36 hours or so it’s been loaded up with so many best practices, I’ve got at least eight pages of notes. Probably a few more will be added tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will begin to cull the herd to figure out which are the top 2-3 ideas to take action on. I’ll walk through all of them, let them ferment and settle, see which ones are going to make the biggest impact, and then figure out how to get them rolling. I’ll save the long list of other great ideas for another day.

Even that condensed list will then be set aside for one week. The ideas will need a little bit of time to age to perfection.

Sure, I’d love to implement all off the great ideas, but I know I’ll be able to follow through on the small handful successfully more so than a huge pile.


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