Day 1,974 – Thankful for Consistency, Collaboration, Calm, & Kindness

It’s been a great day, so many moments of joy, so much to be grateful for!

The morning started off as almost all Monday mornings do, an early morning run with Becky. Sure, I’d love to just roll back over and go back to sleep, but I’d miss the bonus “date time” we have with each other. The craziness of the week begins with consistency.

Seeing people collaborating to help each other grow makes me smile big. For so much of my life I’ve let my ego get in the way and try to stay in control. How dumb. How shortsighted. Helping people collaborate with others and then stepping back to let them work together within their strengths create so many more moments of joy for all. Today I got to see that on multiple occasions and each time I smiled.

Yoga. Ahh… yoga. Even on the best of work days there is a calm which yoga so readily provides. The focus on presence, the complete stillness, the peace, & the calm. Perfect!

At the end of yoga someone nearby asked if they could put my block away. Having someone offer a moment of kindness like that was perfect. It reminded me of how I should be more like that more often. It reminded me that an action like that creates two smiles – one for the giver and one for the receiver – and it takes both to make the moment joyful.

Consistency, collaboration, calm, & kindness… what a beautiful day!


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