Day 1,967 – Thankful for Yoga and Bison Date Night for Valentine’s Day

We’re not really a house of Valentine’s Day celebrants. The importance of the day is pretty much lost on us. Rather than the usual dinner and flowers we opted for something that was almost 100% our style. The only thing missing was outdoor activity, but we got that early in the morning in our pre-dawn run.

Yesterday we picked up some bison steaks to grill up tonight. As luck would have it our gas ran out just as I was about to put the steaks on the grill. Thank goodness a couple of my teammates had recently told me about broiling steaks instead so I had a backup plan.

After eating we headed out to yoga to get all namaste and shit – and it was awesome! Excellent workout, very chill and relaxing, and I even got a couple of strong ideas for work based on Nick’s coaching.

Now I’ve showered up and will be off for an early bed. Not the most exciting of nights, but 100% a positive day all around. Forget the restaurants and flowers, yoga and bison at home sounds perfect to me!


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