Day 1,957 – Thankful for Our First NextGen Leadership In Person Event

Today some of my partners and I conducted a training for a group of our future leaders, our NextGen Leadership participants. There were so many reasons to be thankful for the day, I hope to capture each of the key reasons as best I can as each brought great joy today.

The participation was incredible. So many great ideas and insights, there were many things I was able to learn from everyone – new and old. Everyone spoke up, asked questions, and shared, a very active group.

Being in person with everyone rather than all the Zooms we had been doing was priceless. As COVID numbers dwindle again I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with others as we were initially intended to do.

Sharing the path I’ve taken to get to the present was transformative for me. As I wrote about a couple of nights ago, the zooming out was profoundly insightful. Seeing and feeling the emotions of others as I shared my journey took the entire thing to a new level. Hearing myself share the story I’ve already lived also helped me analyze and review my past actions and intentions – and see a better path forward. The questions asked helped me pause and reassess some conclusions as well. While the presentation was intended for others the impact on my own thought processes was mind blowing.

So many memories of times with my mentors and partners were refreshed in my brain. I’ve been so blessed to be surrounded by so many wise, giving, and loving people. Having the opportunity to honor them through the sharing of concepts they’d shared with me was awesome.

The energy of the participants, active in pursuing their future career growth was inspiring. Their eagerness to learn and willingness to share motivated me more and more. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to spend time on their journey with them.

Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for the partnership my cohorts and I have. The three of us who were present each pitched in, adjusted, helped, and adlibbed to keep everything running smoothly. There were zero egos amongst us, only a shared passion for helping to grow our teammates. This experience has had a very positive impact on our relationship and I’m giddy to see where this continues to grow for us.

What an amazing opportunity to learn and grow with so many important people from our teams. I appreciated each and every moment.


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