Day 1,951 – Thankful for the Boys’ Snowboarding Trips and Conversations with Gavin

Yesterday after school the boys made a run up towards the Ladysmith area to go snowboarding with some of their cousins on a Scout event. My mind is still reeling over the fact that they are old enough to make a multi hour road trip on their own like that. The videos we got back from one of their uncles were awesome! Snowboarding down black diamonds and making crazy jumps – it was wild to see. I’m thankful for their willingness and ability to make road trips like that to do something they both love. Hearing how excited they both were afterwards filled me with joy. I will never tire of hearing stories of how much fun they have had doing something they love together.

Dominic spent the majority of his day working as a referee for an indoor soccer tournament. That meant it was just Gavin and I as we did some chores around the house, grabbed lunch, took the dogs for a walk, and played some games. Throughout there was much conversation between the two of us. While most of the conversation was more lighthearted and chill there were also moment bits of faith, life, and other more serious things. Just a couple of nights ago I got some bonus one on one time with Dominic, I’m very appreciative of the extra time alone with Gavin today. Whenever we spend time together like this our relationship grows and I go to bed with a smile.


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