Day 1,949 – Thankful for Finding the “AND,” and the Power of Collaboration

Today I was able to find a pretty big “AND.” You know, rather than choose “this” OR “that,” how can you choose “this” AND “that.” It can be so easy for me find the “OR,” the “AND” takes work to find and create. The “AND” is typically more elusive, it hides quietly in the the deep dark corners and has to be coaxed out. If I don’t intentionally seek it out the “AND” will sit quietly and wait until I’ve settled on the “OR.”

Today I found the “AND,” and it made all the difference in so many ways.

I like working on projects alone. I enjoy the sense of independence and control. This is not the best way to work. I may make good things, but we can make truly exceptional things.

A meeting with a small handful of teammates this morning reminded me of that fact. When taking on a rather large concept with huge implications I realized I couldn’t do it alone, especially not in a great and meaningful way. My teammates came up with some mind blowingly amazing ideas AND are ready to implement them right away! Together we saw a much larger opportunity than any of us, especially me, would have seen individually.

It is so easy to take on a task alone, it is so much more successful when we take it on together.


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