Day 1,947 – Thankful for a Brilliant Quote & Wandering the Bookstore with No Agenda

Something which really caught my attention was this fantastic quote from Robert Frost. So fitting in so many ways. I’m grateful for stumbling upon it after listening to a recording of him reading The Road Not Taken.

Over lunch I hit the pause button on the work day and drove to a bookstore in Eau Claire. My team gave me a gift card for the location for Christmas and I was pumped to head into the store for the first time without an agenda or a booklist in mind. The store was wildly more immense than I’d thought and I meandered the aisles in a book-drunk stupor, smiling like a mad man the entire time. It was AWESOME!!! From the travel section to graphic novels to biographies to classics to fiction to business to self improvement to boxed sets to the clearance section I strode. In each section there were easily 2 or 3 books I would have picked up, and that was after only a cursory glance. By the time I looked at my watch I realized I had to cruise to get back to the office so I wandered out without a purchase.

I love reading. There is so much knowledge and wisdom and life to be gained from books. Spending time amongst all of them with so many possibilities awaiting and a seemingly infinite supply of new ideas was borderline intoxicating. That 30 minutes in the store were amazingly refreshing. I’m definitely going back next week when I’m in town. Heck, I might even buy a book or two this time 😉


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