Day 1,944 – Thankful for Choosing My Path, a Walk In the Woods

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one…

Robert Frost

What a wonderfully perfect line for the day and for the entirety of the year. Some choices will not be popular. Others may not be understood. So long as I honor the right choice I’m moving in the right direction.

Once the path has been chosen there is no reason to look back except for guidance and wisdom for future decisions. Rather than wonder about what if’s and suffer the fear of missing out it is important to remember to go in the direction of the river of time, always forward.

Today that led me to the woods, that quiet place in which presence is so much more easily reached. Walking up and down the valleys of rock and wood demanded my full attention. Pausing to climb the rock outcrop to soak in the sight of the natural wonderful sprawling out was an awesome way to focus on the present and that moment. I regret, no second thoughts, only the serenity of being exactly where I’d chosen to be at that moment.


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