Day 1,932 – Thankful for Six Years of Memories Each Day

As I’ve written before there are many benefits to journaling in this fashion – a daily blog. One of the greatest is the time focused on pausing to reflect on the day, to stop and think, to allow my mind and soul to work out some meaning and lessons form the busy-ness of the day. The daily writing helps me keep the set pace of taking this time once per day rather than all willy nilly. Left that way I’m sure to have just wrapped up maybe my fifteenth blog in 6+ years. Today I’m most appreciative of another benefit, the daily reminder of days gone by.

Each day I’ve been loading up my blog from the same day for each of the past six years. What I’m doing is digging up a time capsule of my life. In that little sealed chamber dug up from the past are the remnants of memories long since gone. Many of which would have disappeared from memory had they not been packaged up in a weather proof container and buried.

The memories from today include logrolling, silence, discouragement, spending time in a gym for a futsol tournament, loving my work, and a new perspective on an area I love. Each of these moments were important to me in their own present. Somewhere in my brain the memories are carved into the wrinkles like ancient hieroglyphs. They’re waiting to be found by someone walking by, my blog provides someone to walk the trail of nice each year. Without a process to send an explorer through the labyrinth of memories the majority would slowly be lost to the sands of time, less likely to be found again.

Reading my blogs bring back those memories. My hard learned lessons remain in mind and are less likely to have to be relearned. The old blogs remind me of smiles, are measuring sticks of progress, and notes from my past and present self to my future. My messages in a bottle to be collected at the right time.


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