Day 1,909 – Thankful for Sensory Experiences in Nature – Sounds of Ice On Ponds and Unexpected Natural Art

After breakfast with our whole family the four of us took off for a walk through the sand dunes surrounding the place we’re staying for our family Christmas in Nekoosa. The views were pretty awesome, I had no idea we had sandy plains like this so close to where we live. The terrain was very unlike what I was expecting.

While walking on the dunes there was something I kept noticing. Due to the wind blowing the tall grass and shrubs around the leaves and stems made beautiful circles in the sand. The geometric patterns that nature traced in the sand with her own creation was spectacular in its simplicity.

There was a pond at the base of the sand dune, right in our backyard. Dominic had found a golf ball and threw it across the pond. It took one bounce off the ice and landed in our backyard. A moment later there was a lovely and magical sound made by the ice. It started at one side of the pond and worked its way across the pond, paused, and then reverberated back across. I can’t even begin to describe the sound, it was so unlike anything I’ve heard before – the sound of beauty in nature.

Great time with family, great time outside. Perfect!


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