Day 1,841 – Thankful for a Dream of Enlightenment

Last night I awoke from a dream and found myself in one of the most profound states of peace I’ve ever felt. The details escape me, but the core concept remains vividly clear.

There were two choices I faced, there were different complications, challenges, and potential outcomes. As I metered out the options my heart was completely quiet and calm. I saw neither option as good nor bad, they both existed purely as options, I had not assigned my emotions to either of them. My soul understood that my decision – regardless of of my choice – would still have the same final destination given as much time as either would need… at some point I would die, regardless of the choice. To be clear, this wasn’t a life or death decision, rather, given a long enough timeline eventually either path would conclude upon my passing. This may sound dark, but it was actually rather soothing in an odd way. There was no need to rush to conclusion as either pathway would get me to the same place.

Ultimately I realized that the proper way to make the decision wasn’t to rely on emotion, fear, nervousness, passion, or greed, rather, it was to live into my true self. By acting as the best possible version of myself, by choosing to live into the decision by my values, by becoming the true nature of who I was created to be, that was the right way to choose my path. Upon that realization my soul was full and satisfied.

Then I awoke. I awoke in a bottomless ocean of peace. My soul was full in ways I can’t find words to describe it truly. Even as I think back to it I find that memory is already starting to pull at the loose threads on the edge of the dream. That said, I can still sense that state of perfect calm and serenity.

My best hypothesis was that in my dream I skirted the edges of enlightenment in ways I’ve never experienced in life. Only in the vacuum of dream was I able to catch a tiny glimpse… but just enough that I will remain hungry the remainder of my days.


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