Day 1,832 – Thankful for Kicking the Day in the Butt

Hey there Today, how are you doing buddy? Sorry for kicking your ass today (not really 😉).

Seriously, this has been a jam packed day from start to finish. If each day were this productive and full of life I can’t even begin to imagine just how much more life I could fit into my living years.

Up before 5am to get moving and out to my Uber. At the airport sit down and focus on reading my most recently edited manuscript and don’t stop until I land in La Crosse. Unpack and start cleaning floors with Gavin. Pause quick to see how far the Oktoberfest parade has made it so we know when to leave to see Dominic. Hit the road, find a parking spot, walk miles, watch Dominic, follow the Logan band for a while, and the head back to the car and home.

Pound a giant plate of Becky’s homemade lasagne. Yes, that is worthy of its own paragraph 😉

Finish floors, work with Dominic to put his roof rack on for his snowboard. Quick tune up of bikes with Gavin. Chill for a couple of minutes and head to church. Eat supper outside. Schedule a couple of Gavin’s school conferences. Play family games on the deck. Head inside and play a game with Gavin. Bed, blog, read, sleep.

Whew!!! Crazy, but it was all fun, focused, and exactly what I was hoping for today. If I stay this focused more often there are more dreams I’ll be knocking of the list quick. Days like today remind me of how awesome it feels to make focused progress.


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