Day 1,830 – Thankful for Space, Old Friends, Stoking the Flames, and Reflecting

Whew, it’s been an awesome first day of Express Sales Summit! Being able to have an event in person has been an excellent breath of fresh air. There’s been several specific things I’m grateful for at the event today.

First off, today’s been a great reminder of why I need to create space sometimes. Life is busy and my calendar is often full. In open space like this ideas seem to gel better and my brain can connect what’s truly important, I can hear behind the noise. The extra space has been amazing and eye opening.

Thanks to the pandemic it’s been a while since I’ve seen many of my old Express friends in real life. Seeing them in person has been AWESOME!

Seeing how well other offices are doing is a way to really stoke the flames. Hearing my teammates get fired up by the possibilities they are seeing has me smiling from ear to ear. 2022 will be a spectacular year.

Last, but not least, spending time reflecting has also been very powerful and greatly appreciated. Seeing my teammates experience Summit for the first time brings back so many memories and emotions. Their energy is infectious and it helps me pause and remember to see the world as a beginner again, full of opportunities.

A successful first day is in the books, off to bed and then start day two in the morning!


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