Day 1,805 – Thankful for a Physically Active Partner

When left to my own devices I’m not always as disciplined as I know I should and could be. The idea of going for a run, hopping on my bike, practicing yoga, or hiking are easy for me to come up with. Sometimes there are so many options that I end up wasting my time on deciding which one to do! Regardless, I’ll start off with the best of intentions and then end up either getting myself distracted or coming up with an excuse to not do the action.

Today was a perfect example of what I am thankful for. Last night Becky asked if I’d like to go for a bike ride this morning. It sounded like a perfect idea and I was in. The weather was perfect, we got a nice 20+ mile ride in, and had time for the two of us to talk. It was an awesome combination of exercise and a date! Rather than sitting around and not really doing anything we were up and moving AND having active conversation. What a great way to start the day!

If Becky weren’t physically active like she is the odds are that we wouldn’t be doing things like this together. Not only does it motivate me to stay in better shape so I can keep up, it provides us so many opportunities to spend time together without phones, screens, kids, or anything else getting in the way of our time together. She pushes me to be healthy specifically by her actions. When we go on vacation there are no worries about what we’re going to do, we both enjoy hiking and being active on vacation. It’s pretty awesome!

My morning started out in wonderful fashion thanks to getting some exercise and fresh air in right off the bat. Becky made that all possible and I’m grateful for her all the more today.


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