This morning started off pretty early, 3:15am to be exact. We were wheels up by 4:05 and on the trail before 5am. No one else was on the trail and we were able to start our bike under the stars.

The early morning hours make the mountains even more majestic. As the sun comes up the lighting continues to change the beauty of the rocky giants. Being the only ones around in that magical hour is beyond awesome.

What made that even better was sharing that time with my sons. Their appreciation for the outdoors, nature, hiking in the mountains, and going on crazy adventures like this warms my heart immensely. During the hike I was able to spend time with each of them solo as well as together. Their joy and gratitude for what we were experiencing totally made this trip all worthwhile.

My smile grows and my heart is filled with joy as they talk about ideas they have for future adventures!


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