Day 1,736 – Thankful for Sunrise Runs, Trail Lessons, and an Old Monday Night Staple Food

While this morning’s run was a little lonely (no Becky) and my legs felt pretty rusty the sun raise made it all worthwhile. I am grateful for the times of the year when the morning run coincides with the sunrise, especially over Airport Beach. What a spectacular start to the day!

The backpacking trip may be over, but I’m still grinning away as its memory continues to reverberate through my brain. In particular today we’re several of the lessons I learned on the trail. They came up in various times during the day and added some great examples to a couple of situations. Yet again I’m reminded that times like that are much more than a simple get away, they are places when I learn, grow, and work to close the gap.

Back when I was a kid there was a very specific habit I remember well. Mom would typically work Monday nights so Dad would make supper for us. There were essentially three recipes we could count on on Monday nights… Fried burgers with onion, venison, or Hamburger Helper. The one that seemed to occur most often was the delicious pasta and beef supper in a box. With Becky out of town tonight I figured I’d better keep the tradition alive. While both making it and eating the boys and I joked and laughed. It was perfect. To think how many smiles we had from one heavily sodium filled box of pasta!


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