Day 1,727 – Thankful for My Hiking Buddy, the Question “Why?”

The first leg of our hike is now complete. These seem to be the most difficult of the days as we get a later start which means our first night is a bit rushed. This time around we’re all a little extra tired from camping out the night before. As such, I’m not the only one already in bed even though it is only 7:30pm Central. Blog and bed for this guy!

The trail was outstanding today! Easy to follow and leading through a scenic forest loaded with much plant diversity. Around each turn seemed to be a beautiful cedar growing on and over and around huge boulders as if trying to show just how gritty they are. So many wonderful sights and spans of nothing but the symphony of the wilderness.

What really caught my attention today was a simple one word question. Why? Why am I hiking? Why am I enjoying this so much? Why am I so passionate about being outdoors? Why do I enjoy this level of simplicity so much? Why?

The question seemed to pop into my head with startling regularity on the trail. In those moments of serenity it would echo through my brain in so many variations and iterations. Why?

I deeply love this question and it feels so appropriate for this moment. It sends me down a path of purpose and helps me to dive deeper into myself, my desires, my dreams, my passions, and what I am called to be. That one word questions catapults my brain into new ideas and directions while I journey deeper into myself.

So what was the answer to the question? There really wasn’t one. Today I just let the question roll through my head, a snowball gaining momentum before becoming an avalanche. I’m thankful for the question and where it led me today.


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