Day 1,717 – Thankful for Reminders of Why I Usually Schedule Some Slack Time in My Calendar

LOL – I think I’m starting to see a pattern developing! I’m a slow learner so we’ll see if I’m actually learning or if I continue to go through growing pains through the end of this week and the next.

In al seriousness, I am thankful for a wonderful reminder of why I usually schedule some slack time in my week. What is slack time? It’s the time I block off on my calendar specifically to keep open to handle other tasks as they come up. One of my mentors, Norm, helped me see that without setting time aside in my calendar I would never be able to get everything completed as planned. By keeping time blocked off intentionally I’m able to use that space to finish up all of the stuff that is scheduled in the rest of the week which never goes as quickly as I think it will.

With our backpacking trip coming up I’ve been focused on knocking out as much as possible so I’ve loaded up my calendar this week. Today was a perfect example of this as I started off by leaving the house by 5:30am to head up to Eau Claire for a day that saw pretty much every minute accounted for. By the time I got home after 5:30 my head was spinning and I was feeling a bit salty. By about 7:30 I finally got everything done that I wanted and sat down to relax.

Becky pointed out, in a very nice way, how negative and ornery I was. I am grateful for the way she can tell me that which is respectful and well intended. She then cruises right into helper mode to see how she can take some of the weight off my shoulders. I am beyond blessed to have her in my life!

Once I had an outside opinion to help ground me and give a voice to the frustration I was hearing in my brain basket it was easy to take a deep breath, relax my shoulders, settle my thoughts, and find both the cause of and solution to the frustration. The simple solution? Give myself more slack time so I can actually finish what is important.


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