Day 1,712 – Thankful for Giving Myself Time to Prepare

With a busy weekend of soccer and writing in front of me this week and a weekend full of time with friends next week I’m quickly running out of time to prep for our backpacking trip. It may sound crazy, but as I’ve been focused on gathering gear I’m finding I’m still well over what I was hoping to have for weight and volume.

To be honest, there’s a little bit of stress and a knot in my stomach as I attempt to figure out exactly what I’ll need and cut what I won’t. There’s a fine line between carrying too much, just enough, and not enough. Too far to either end of the spectrum and the results could really suck.

What I’m grateful for today is how far in advance I have started working on solving this puzzle. It would have been very easy to put it off until the very end but I know I would have made poor choices. By planning ahead I’m able to take my time and think through all my options. I’ve got more time to ask to advice, research the details, and the benefit of being able to try many different things to find what works best. Will it be perfect? Of course not! But I know it will be better than if I didn’t start planning far in advance.

Taking time to start laying it all out before I need to lay it all out has already helped me save myself from making a few mistakes. Over the next two weeks I’m sure there will be a few more tweaks and changes that will help me dial it in as closely as possible, enough to ensure a joyful trip.

I have given myself the best possible gift… time.


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