Day 1,672 – Thankful for Letting Reflexes Take Over and My Boat Back-er Upper Coach

While Becky was volunteering at the soccer fields and Dominic was reffing Gavin and I were getting the pontoon ready this morning. The weather wasn’t right for boating, but it is always nice to get it ready to go so we can drop it in the water on a random weeknight. The task largely consisted of loading stuff into the boat, but we also had to gas up for the start of the year.

There’s a specific Kwik Trip I like to go to for this task. The one on Rose Street has a lane that leads straight out to the road and the hose is exactly long enough to reach our tank (the height is all wonky with the pontoon being trailered). I’ve been known to wait until that exact pump is open to avoid having to make any crazy turns or having to back up.

As luck would have it the pump was open so I started pulling in. Once the front of the car was already past the pump I noticed that the alley exit was closed due to construction. A brief wave of panic rolled through my brain as the concept of having to back up rose up form the pit of my stomach. I took a deep breath and figured, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Yes, there was a long list of awful possibilities, but that’s what I have insurance for, right?

After gassing up I had Gavin hop out to keep an eye out for anything I may hit. I took a deep breath and then did my best to let my reflexes kick in rather than overthink it. Next thing I knew I was backing it up perfectly straight as I needed to. When we got to the right point I jack knifed the trailer in the exact 90 degree corner I wanted to move it into. Gavin jumped in the car and we pulled out. No second thoughts, no over thinking, no damage, and not even a single re-do or correction. Everything went perfectly!

The only part that I was disappointed by in this endeavor was that Becky wasn’t there to witness it. Ever since we first got our pontoon she’s been the one who’s coached me on how to back it up correctly and efficiently. Becky taught me all the tricks I know about backing up the boat and all those lessons paid off today.

I’m glad I remembered to let reflexes kick in and even more grateful for the coach who’s helped me develop those reflexes. Thanks Becky!


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