Day 1,667 – Thankful for Surprising and Encouraging Signs of Progress

This morning I arose a little before 4am. A long commute to work ahead of me, but I knew I needed some exercise and outdoor time prior to getting in the car for 90 minutes. Off to the bluff trail system I went. My left achilles was a little tight and I knew I was going to be pressed for time so I called an audible and left my backpack in the car.

Over the past several months almost all of the hiking I’ve done has included my 50# pack. With out upcoming trips I want to make sure I’m in the right type of shape to not just accomplish the goal, but to enjoy every minute of it as well.

Unencumbered, I swear I floated up the bluff this morning. It was absolutely wild! Never in my years has going up 500′ on trails felt so incredibly effortless. At no point was my heart beating fast or was I out of breath. I just floated all the way up the bluff trails. By the time I got to the top I paused and had to double check my GPS watch to ensure I hadn’t missed something. Nope, I’d gone up so quickly I had time to explore a little and take an extra bit of trails on my way back to the car.

Talk about building confidence in my ability to handle our future endeavors! Surprising signs of progress like this are so much fun to stumble into. I knew I was slowly but surely getting stronger, but I had no idea I’d improved that much. Sure, Thursday I’ll put the pack on and go back to what has been my new normal, but I’ll do so with some added encouragement and confidence.


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