Day 1,656 – Thankful for Powerful Story Telling

Way back when I was a kid my parents would rent movies for my brother and I from the grocery store. There wasn’t a streaming service or downloads to watch, we were kicking it old school… VHS. Yup, I still remember way back in the day when we would even rent a VCR in addition to the VHS tapes. When it was a movie I really liked I would watch it tow, three, or even four plus times. Each time I would watch I’d get even more into the story. I know, pretty wild, but that’s just how my mind operated.

When it comes to reading fiction I often run into the same habit. If it is a story I really enjoy I read it several times. Even though the story doesn’t change I have since the last reading. Reading it anew allows me to visualize the same story with a different perspective and I can appreciate it in different ways.

The reason this is fresh in my mind tonight is one of my all time favorite books, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. When Gavin was chilling in the car on our ride I fired up the audio of the book. In an instant I was completely enthralled in the incredible story telling. I’ve already read it three times, but I’m still picking up on different subtle nuances while appreciating it in different ways thanks to the changes I’ve had in life since the last reading. Nothing too crazy, but different parts seem to impact me a little differently and in unexpected ways.

There’s such a art to amazing story telling. When someone is a true artist and know how to craft a compelling story the gift they give us is about as beautiful as anything in this world. Tonight I’m thankful for those who can spin a yarn that ties our reality to our biggest dreams, desires, and emotions.


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