Day 1,645 – Thankful for Simple & Profound Questions and the Motivational Power of Dreams

There are certain questions one should always ask. Often times they are so simple by their very nature that they only receive a cursory thought and are then passed over. Sometimes the question is so simple that it seems as if the quick and simple answer is best. Though half of that is correct the other part couldn’t be further from the truth. When helping someone else it is so easy to ask the question, yet when I am asked the question it is so easy to dismiss it.

What is the the purpose of this action? Why is this important to you? If you could distill the thought into one sentence what would it be? Why?

Such simple questions and yet profoundly thought provoking when focused on and truly considered for an answer.

In pursuing one of my biggest dreams for this calendar year these questions were posed to me. Though I’ve worked on the project they were pointed at for several years I struggled to answer the questions with the concise and simple answers the questions (and my dream) deserved. My initial explanations rambled on and I quickly caught myself lacking the pinpointed direction I should have been able to answer. Over the past week my brain has been fixated on them in some fashion at seemingly all hours. I hope to answer them within a week as they right simple answer filters and percolates through my mind.

Had the questions not been asked my thoughts wouldn’t have been complete. If my answers are not clear, simple, and concise I must pause and refocus. It is only when my answers are as simple as the question that the thought will be complete. I am grateful for these simple and profound questions.

Another thing I’m thankful for today is the ability of a great dream to motivate me to be a better version of myself than I would otherwise naturally be. As certain dreams are coming closer and closer to fruition I am reminded of the importance of grit and perseverance. To let up on the gas now would put the dream in jeopardy. By having a clear dream in front of me with a very clear finish line I am able to change my otherwise normal behavior in positive ways.

What’s also especially motivating are the reminders of past accomplishments of dreams. I still remember the empty feeling I had when I finished the marathon with Becky a handful of years ago. We’d trained so hard and often together that once it was done there was a big empty space. As I focus on the dreams ahead I think back to that feeling and remind myself of the importance of savoring the journey in each and every difficult step. Once the dream is complete I will most likely remember the journey as much as the dream itself. Embrace the discomfort and remember that it is a sign of growth.


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