Day 1,624 – Thankful for Road Trips, Safe Returns Home, and an Awesome Podcast – StarTalk by Neil deGrasse Tyson

COVID may have thrown our vacation plans for a loop, but we were still able to figure out ways to have a safe family road trip. From the St Louis Arch to Hot Springs National Park to digging for gems to spending time with Becky’s sister and our brother in law our road trip was a huge success. There were many smiles and many memories made while also remembering past trips as a family.

One part of the road trip I’m always grateful for is a safe return home. It’s easy to get missed and taken for granted, but it’s definitely something to be thankful for. Getting home on time, in one piece and 100% healthy is the best part of wrapping up any vacation.

Something else I’m thankful for is a specific podcast that Becky downloaded and got us both hooked on – StarTalk by Neil deGrasse Tyson. What an awesome way to be reminded of the wonder of the natural world (and many other topics)! In our time on the road I learned more about black holes, the concept of time, volcanoes, and astrophysics than I’ve learned in my entire life combined. The funny thing was that Becky really nailed the way we were feeling about black holes – “the more I learn the less I understand.” The podcasts were a perfect way to keep learning while also staying entertained during hours and hours of driving. I haven’t done the Patreon thing yet, but this would be one of the first I’d contribute to.


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