Day 1,618 – Thankful for a Thought Provoking Question and a Though Provoking Training

The conversation on our morning run took an interesting and thought provoking time this morning. In essence there was a question that kept my head thinking. Is the pursuit of perfection a good thing?

Personally, I love the pursuit of perfection. What’s wild is that I know that it will never actually happen, but I still find it something worth striving for. In my head I measure success as growth towards something and not the something itself. If I pause and get frustrated for not being perfect I can shut myself down in anger or disappointment. If I focus on what I’ve learned from this specific pursuit of perfection I can use it to fuel me to push harder, try again, and continue the pursuit. Ultimately, my choice in attitude determines whether or not I find motivation or disappointment in pursuing perfection.

Starting my morning with that thought forming in my head helped me focus on choosing a growth mindset through the day – something I’m very grateful for!

One of our online training sessions today really helped me see a concept from a different perspective. The topic was on vulnerability and I was quickly reminded of how much I (& virtually everyone) enjoy helping people. When someone has a challenge or struggle we find joy in helping and supporting them.

What I was also forced to quickly see is how much I avoid being the person who needs the help sometimes. This is probably a longer topic for a different day – the short version is that it is almost a phobia of mine, needing help. I want to be independent – my greatest motivator – and asking for help directly opposes that.

During the training one of my Express “heroes” admitted that they were struggling and needed help. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that would be the case. They’re the one who’s always helping someone else while motivating and inspiring so many. To witness their vulnerability was an eye opener for me. If they are willing to ask for help when they are struggling why do I struggle to do the same?

An interesting insight I found with this is to remember to view the challenge through the lens of what would I recommend to a friend. When attaining a slight different perspective it’s easy to see that I should ask for help. If I can remember to use that mindset I know can make a better choice in the future.

I’m so grateful for that training and insight today, I will remember it for years to come.


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