Day 1,613 – Thankful for a Milestone Moment, Dominic’s Probationary Driver’s License

Whew, another milestone today! I took a short break from work this afternoon to drive Dominic to the DMV. Today marks the halfway point between 15 and 16 for him so he wanted to get his temporary driving permit. He flew through the test with flying colors and walked out with a paper copy of his license… and a huge smile.

When we got off the interstate on the way home I pulled to the side of the road. We both got out, switched seats, and then I saw this:

The next thing I knew we were cruising down a quiet road coaching him on how to drive. It’s all easy when it’s online, it’s another thing the first time another car is coming towards you. He did an excellent job and knocked out his first 15 minutes of driving. He’ll certainly be doing more of that in the near future.

My mind is blown thinking about how quickly he’d growing up. Dad always said time would fly by more and more quickly and I’m really seeing that now.

So proud of him for getting this license and getting one step closer to adulthood.


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