Day 1,610 – Thankful for Learning to Snowboard, Coach Dominic, and the Joy of Being a Beginner

LOL – while I’m grateful for something specific now, we’ll see how I’m doing tomorrow morning when I wake up. It might be a pretty rough run. πŸ˜‰

Earlier in the year Gavin and I talked about learning to snowboard. Life got busy (doesn’t it always – even when we live intentionally?) and now the ski/snowboard season is almost done and we had not gone snowboarding.

On our run this morning Becky made a comment about taking Dominic snowboarding sometime this week or next before the snow melted. Something clicked in my head, I checked my calendar and saw I had a window to pick him up, drop him at the ski hill, and would pick him up later. I asked him about it and he was pretty pumped. Later in the day he texted and said it would be a great night for Gavin and I to go with and he’d teach us how to snowboard. How cool is that? Next thing we knew we changed our plans and headed to the hill right after work.

Dominic and his buddy did an awesome job of coaching and teaching Gavin and I how to snowboard. He was right alongside of us coaching us through each step and maneuver. When direction was needed, he gave it. When support and motivation were needed, he gave it. Dominic did an absolutely fantastic job of catching the two of us snowboarding rookies for a couple of hours.

Gavin and I were high five-ing each other after some of our turns, laughing hard at our spills, and enjoyed learning something new. At no point did either of us get frustrated or discouraged, we just kept going up, trying things, improving incrementally, and then doing it again. It was a blast!

The humility of starting something new was so calming and peaceful as always. Something about getting into the learning mindset before attempting it really makes it go from something scary to a wildly joyful event – even when I really sucked at it from the start! Nothing like being a novice to set the entire ego aside to focus on being okay with starting from scratch and building from a starting point of nothing.

All in all, I had so much fun learning to snowboard with the boys tonight. It’s a night I’ll remember forever and one I’ll draw ongoing motivation from. If I can be okay with and enjoy hurling my 44 year old self down a hill covered in snow with a board attached to both my feet, laugh at myself while falling, and get back up to attempt it again I’m pretty sure I can be okay learning just about anything new.

As I started with, we’ll see how I feel in the morning πŸ˜‰


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