Day 1,586 – Thankful for Muscles I Didn’t Remember Existed Until Now

During the drive home from Wausau tonight I could feel my legs stiffening a bit. The sensation wasn’t in the usual spots where my legs tighten up after a hike, a run, or stairs. Some of the normal joints and muscle groups felt like usual, but there was also stiffness in places in my legs I didn’t really remember existed. Funny how the first day of downhill skiing for the season will do that to someone in their mid-forties!

I’m thankful for that muscle stiffness today for a variety of reasons. I was outside. I was with my boys. I was being active. I was enjoying the snow. I was doing something different than i normally do. I was pushing myself outside of my normal comfort zone. I was smiling and laughing. I was living in the moment. The stiffness in muscles in my legs I’d totally forgotten about are reminding me of all of those things and I’m grateful for that.


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