Day 1,554 – Thankful for an Unexpected Benefit of 2020, 17 Extra Days

At the end of December there’s a form I always have to fill out showing how many business miles I’ve driven that year. The total has bounced around some pretty high numbers over the past handful of years. With several offices spread out over a few hours away there hasn’t been a shortage of windshield time.

2020 has certainly changed many things. One of the differences really hit me when I completed my mileage form today. I drove approximately 25,000 less miles this year! That number seemed huge and then I did the math…

Let’s say I averaged 60 miles per hour for that entire 25,000 miles. That would mean I drove about 417 hours… over 17 days!!! If I assume I sleep 8 hours a night and all my driving was done during active hours it was the equivalent of 26 days, almost 4 weeks!

No wonder I’ve felt like I’ve had more time in my life this year. More time for work, more time for life, more time for everything.

Yes, there have been a ton of challenges this year. That said, I’m very grateful for the gift of the one resource that I can never make more of… time.


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