Day 1,514 – Thankful for Skillful Piano Playing vs the Banging of a Toddler on a Keyboard

Whew, what a day!

When I sit down to write there are usually a few themes in particular that really stick out and I choose one or two of them to go with. Other days I see so many things that I go list style. Once in a great while I’m in a bit of a funk and it takes a while to find the bright spots to focus on. Most days are very easy to pick out and some involve a little struggle, but usually in a good way.

Some nights have more of a philosophical tone to them or I’m continuing to work thoughts out in my head while I learn through living. Sometimes it’s a specific memory that has brought back joy through one of several different ways.

Nights like tonight are a bit different. There’s not a specific incident or thing that really jumps out – there were many throughout the day that brought great joy. There’s not a thematic feel to it that would necessitate a list. I’m in a fantastic mood so it’s not that I’m unhappy and struggling to find gratitude. There hasn’t been a crazy deep insight or a philosophical idea that’s taken hold or been re-embedded. Nothing like any of those.

When I boil it down I have a deep sense of well being and living into my purpose today. There were many times in which everything felt right – I was lined up in the right place doing the right things with the right people and at the right times. Everything seemed to be in tune – even the things that didn’t go well or as planned all seemed to work out exactly the way they were supposed to. Everything seemed to fit. Cosmic harmony or something like that?

About the best way I can describe it is using a short part of the Dan Brown book, Origin. He uses the example of the noise of a toddler banging on a keyboard to show what chaos sounds like. Think about it, the piano is making noise, an annoying, ear splitting, heart rate increasing, chaotic noise. ( I suddenly feel like the Grinch and all “the noise, noise, noise!!!” ) By contrast he then shares a skilled pianist playing a beautiful piece. There’s an order, beauty, structure, and timing to it that causes it to bring joy and stir our souls. Both sounds are made the same way, but one is incredibly pleasing, the other hurts to listen to.

It was only fitting to use a picture of an album that fits the feeling of everything being exactly when and where it should be.

What I’m thankful for today is the continued feeling of the keys being played by the hands of a skilled pianist rather than the violent pounding of a toddler. Everything lined up and was in place the way it should be – good, bad and otherwise. Everything was as it was supposed to be.


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