Day 1,494 – Thankful for a Virtual Hangout with Lifelong Friends

Yeah, it would have been even cooler to have been in person like we were back in the day for this picture, but we stayed safe and hung out on Zoom instead. Over the past almost five hours I’ve been online with a handful of my lifelong friends.

Sorry Kevin – I didn’t have one with all seven of us, we’ll have to take one next we’re all hanging out (preferably at someone’s cabin?).

True friendship is hanging out with no agenda, letting the conversation go in any direction, sharing new experiences and old memories, joking with each other constantly, talking about the great stuff in life, talking about the tough stuff in life, and laughing and smiling until our faces hurt. My soul is full after spending time with my friends, my life feels more full and complete, and I am grateful for the opportunity for all of us to share this time with each other.

Sharing time online is not the same as hearing the laughs in person and sharing a bear hug or a punch in the arm, but our friendship is one that transcends physical location. I’m simultaneously excited and giddy at the prospect of getting together sometime in the future as well as enjoying every minute we get to share together – even if it is online.

What an awesome way to end the work week and transition into the weekend!


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