Day 1,491 – Thankful for a Lesson of Gratitude Causing Me to Appreciate an Opportunity to Take Action

This week it is my turn in the training rotation for our weekly learning session on Thursday. In case you have missed hearing about those they are our opportunity to pause everything in our working world for 30-45 minutes to focus on learning more about our core values. We rotate the trainer each week so everyone has an opportunity to share an idea with others. The value we’re keying in on for the next few months is near and dear to my heart… gratitude!

I took a little time last week reviewing some of my favorite articles and videos on the topic. Once I landed on the winner ( David Steindl-Rast’s TED Talk ) I went back and watched it a few more times. One of the pieces that I found most I retesting was his simple way to be more grateful – Stop, Look, & Listen. Yes, the same simple instructions we were taught when we learned to cross the street. What I hadn’t tied together before was those are the steps in my daily blogging practice that have helped it to create so much joy in my life. I stumbled/lucked into it totally by accident.

As I prepped my brief presentation for Thursday I realized that there are some additional things I must focus on to continue to grow my gratitude practice. At first I kind of shrugged off the cosmic messages and plowed ahead. For some reason I finally stopped, mid sentence, and opened my calendar. I found three days that I did not yet have booked up in the next handful of weeks. Some key strokes and mouse clicks later and I had finally accomplished setting the date to work on something I’ve had in process for quite some time. I will be working those three days, but not on my career, on another passion instead. Had it not been for the lessons I had recently re-learned while watching the video again I most likely wouldn’t have taken action like I did.


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