Day 1,489 – Thankful for My Boys, My Winter Loving Role Models

Dominic is pumped and excited for winter to come so he can go snowboarding. Gavin is very enthusiastic for winter to arrive so he can try out his new snowshoes. I’m… well, before this weekend I wasn’t very pumped for winter to show up.

In watching the excitement level of the boys increase for the prospect of snow that sticks on the ground I’m finding myself smiling more and more. I’m not usually a fan of winter. In past years my only excitement for winter was that it would be so extreme that I could finally talk Becky into our (my) plan to move to Hawaii 😉 This time around I’m finding that I’m borderline excited for the season myself… and for good reasons.

The boys are reminding me on a daily basis to think like a stoic. Winter is coming, there’s nothing I can do to stop it. The options of moving away for the season are not what I want, I am choosing to be here. If I can’t change the cold temperatures and snow from coming why bother fighting it? How can I lean into it instead? That’s where the boys come in.

There is a lot they could be frustrated about right now. There are many aspects of “normal” that aren’t happening due to COVID. Winter is only going to restrict us further. Are they sulking about it or complaining? Nope! They’re finding ways to stay active and focus on what they can do. Dominic is focused on snowboarding. Gavin is focused on snowshoeing. The idea of getting frustrated about winter isn’t even on their radar. They welcome it and are planning to make the best of it.

Yup, he was outside practicing a few things even though there wasn’t enough snow. That’s how excited he is for winter. Heck, he didn’t even complain about me getting a picture of him, that’s how pumped he is!

With role models like them who am I to complain or be frustrated about winter? Screw it, I’m kind of excited to get out and snowshoe. The idea of spending time hiking out in the cold actually sounds like fun in a slightly twisted way. Our morning runs have already been chilly, would a few degrees and/or inches of snow really make a difference? Haven’t we just spent the past six months proving that we can find and create ways to sustain joy even in less than ideal situations?

Boys, thanks for reminding the Old Man of how important it is to choose the right attitude and focus on the positive. I am grateful for awesome role models like you guys! Bring on the cold and the snow, I’m ready dudes!


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