Day 1,483 – Thankful for Seven Years of Growth and a Tradition of Pausing to Appreciate the Passing of Time

2020 threw us a curveball we weren’t expecting and hadn’t really thought about… school pictures. Seeing as there hasn’t been any in person school for the boys there also haven’t been the requisite school photos. Through a fund raising silent auction Becky won a photography session with a local photographer to get a new family photo. Seeing as we were already there we were also able to get pictures of the boys. What an awesome change of pace to have pictures that weren’t a 25% chance to include a smile of some sort, let alone one that actually looked like a real smile!

Late last week Becky picked up the finished product. When I went into the office this morning I was able to complete an annual tradition that makes me smile each year. I don’t replace the old picture with the new one, rather, I add the new one to the top of the stack of old pictures from the past seven years. Last year I even had to remove a piece of the cardboard backing to make more room!

When I add the new picture it gives me a chance to hop in a time machine and see just how much the boys have grown and changed throughout the past handful of years. My mind is still blown with how much they’ve grown, even though deep down I know the years are flying by. Taking time to pause and soak in seven years of change in a minute really reminds me to slow down and appreciate each day with the boys a little more than I would have otherwise. I can’t help but smile as my heart fills with the joy of seeing the kind human beings they are continuing to grow into.


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