Day 1,474 – Thankful for Hunting with the Boys and So Many Wonderful Memories

Instead of sleeping in a little or waking up to get some exercise I was up early for a completely different reason. Today was the first morning of the Youth Deer Hunt so we were up and at it early this morning so we were ready to hunt as soon as we legally could be.

Gavin was sitting out with his Grandpa Ken while Dominic was stuck with me. Thank goodness he already has a lot of hunting experience to make up for my very rusty and sub-mediocre skills!

Sitting in the blind with Dominic brought back so many memories. It’s been easily 20+ years since I last went deer hunting and yet it felt so comfortable and normal. Of course, I wasn’t technically hunting and didn’t have a gun, but for youth hunt the young adult must have a mentor within arm’s reach while they hunt.

We sat and waited for the sun to rise and for the clock to hit the time it was legal to shoot. Being outside that early was amazing and the fresh air was so relaxing. Watching the does come and go was great, being so close to deer and wildlife was so peaceful. Almost a little too peaceful as there were more than a few times I almost dozed off! While there were no bucks it was a wonderful time outside spending time with Dominic.

Later in the day we went back out and this time Dominic had much better success. A nice seven pointer came in, turned sideways and Dominic took a beautiful shot. The buck didn’t make it very far. Being there in that moment with Dominic was awesome to say the least. He was so jacked it was amazing!

Throughout the day I couldn’t help but think back often on memories of hunting with Dad back in the day. Waking up early, walking out in the dark, sitting and watching the wildlife, and maybe even sneaking in a nap in the sun. There are so many memories I have with Dad in the wild like that and each of them make me smile big. To have the opportunity to create one of those moments with Dominic was priceless.

Gavin’s day didn’t go quite as well, but he still seemed to enjoy it greatly. For him to have time with his Grandpa in the woods like that is fantastic. I’m so thankful for the relationship the boys have built with him while doing outdoor things and hunting. Gavin will have many successes ahead of him as long as he continues to enjoy hunting, I’m excited for an opportunity to hunt with him the same way I did with Dominic today.

Dominic – congrats on the buck dude, super proud of you! Gavin – great job handling adversity and keeping your chin up, proud of you bud!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to hunt with the boys and grateful for each of the excellent memories the experience brought back for me from times in the woods with Dad. What a gift!


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