Day 1,468 – Thankful for Hiking with Family

Sometimes the things I’m most thankful for are amongst the most simple. Today we got a wonderful hike in as a family. Is there much better than spending time in the woods in the fall in Wisconsin? The leaves were beautiful, the forest was quiet and serene. We spent time talking as a family and we also spent time in silence.

In the woods there aren’t the distractions of normal life. My phone only functions as a camera and not as a communications device. We aren’t buffeted by news alerts and politics. There isn’t a list of tasks to complete or a rush from one event to the next. There is only time in the present, enjoying the moment, being outside, and being physically active. Hiking is a beautiful way to live life simply.

I know I just wrote about it yesterday, but 2020 has really presented me with incredible gifts if I remember to pause and enjoy them. More time in nature, more time being active, and more time with Becky & the boys doing things like this. Moments like this today remind me to pause, appreciate, and enjoy each and every moment life gives me.


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