Day 1,452 -Thankful for the First Fall Run of the Year and Seeing the SpaceX Starlink Satellite “Train”

Ahh… the first fall run of the year… always feels great! Sure, it wasn’t the first true autumn run of the year, but it certainly seemed like it. The air was cool and crisp. The humidity was nonexistent. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The stars lit up the sky. The rest of the world slept as we enjoyed the quiet and chill of autumn. Talk about peaceful and relaxing. Of all the seasons to run in the fall is my favorite. This morning was dang near the perfect running weather and I was thankful for each and every beautiful step of it.

While we were running I caught a glimpse of a satellite going across the sky. I pointed it out to Becky and we stopped for a second to watch it. She suddenly pointed west and said “there’s another one!” How crazy is that? Two satellites! But it didn’t stop there…

When I looked close there was another satellite trailing right behind the second… and then another… and another… and they just kept streaming across the sky in a row. Once we to home I confirmed what we’d seen – the SpaceX Starlink satellites. Talk about something wild! Never in my life had I witnessed something quite like that!


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