Day 1,449 – Thankful for Turning Gap Time Into Bonus Time

It seems like there always several pockets of gap time in each week. You know, those moments in the day when you’re going from one thing to the next and things don’t quite line up resulting in an extra gap of time. For me it’s often that time in-between dropping off Gavin at soccer and picking him up. By the time we drop him off it’s kind of on the fence whether or not it’s productive to head home. That’s the gap time I’m talking about.

I’ve tried a few handfuls of ways to plug the gap, and some have been more successful than others.

Unfortunately my default, even with training myself on it, has been to go to my phone. It’s right there, always ready, and always seems to find a way to grab my attention for more time than I would like it to. When I just react to the gap and am not prepared for it my phone is still the default script I’m working on re-coding.

One that has worked very well situationally is bringing book everywhere with me. Finding the right types of books to quickly open up and take in small doses is key… as is finding one with a small profile. Hauling a novel around is difficult, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday are about as big as I want. Spending time lost in a book and then letting the ideas and thoughts sink in is about perfect. Thank you Mr. Stephen King for helping me with that one.

If the location is right I’m easily lost in chilling and enjoying the view. This works so well when I’m sitting by a lake or river or forest or anything peaceful like that. Taking that gap time to remember why I so love living in this area is another great use of those bonus minutes.

Dominic and I have found it to be just enough time to sneak in a workout which has been pretty awesome. Not only does it provide extra exercise time, it is an opportunity for the two of just to bond and reconnect during the day.

Becky had a great idea for the gap time tonight. Instead of chilling we went for an awesome walk near the soccer fields while Gavin practiced. Spending time with just the two of us while being active and taking in the crazy copper colored sun was so relaxing and rewarding all at the same time.

I’m so thankful for finding ways to turn gap time into bonus time. Either way I look at it the time is going to be spent, I may as well look at it as a bonus and be thankful for it. This moments are often when some of my best thinking happens. In some ways I almost need to find more ways to cause a little gap time to happen on purpose to give myself a little more space… hmm…


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