Day 1,447 – Thankful for This View, Finding Pockets of Normalcy, & Taking Dad’s Advice

Ahh… not gonna lie, this view is amazing in so many ways.

Sitting on a lawn chair, outside in perfect weather, and watching Gavin do something he loves. Sure, I could focus instead on the chairs being 8-12’ away from the nearest parent and having to lower my mask and then putting it back on to take drinks of coffee, but what would that accomplish? I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to spend time enjoying both the day and Gavin enjoying life. What a beautiful slice of heaven!

What’s funny is that there are these little pockets of normalcy to be found all around in life. They may take a little more work to find as my eyes aren’t necessarily trained to see them yet, but they are all around nonetheless. I find it easy to slide into a fixed mindset and see only obstacles, but if I pause for a second to look at the world through a growth mindset there are opportunities everywhere. Be it Zoom calls with friends, outdoor sports, spending time outside with family, and so on, there are pockets of normalcy all around, I just need to remember to actively seek them out.

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the weekend we built the treehouse for the boys with Dad. This morning I had to run to Menards to pick up a saw blade for my table saw. The first option I had in hand was the all purpose inexpensive one. In an instant I remembered advice from Dad from back in the day. He’d told me to replace my saw blade more often than I thought I should, buy the right blade for the right job, and never buy the cheapest one (& almost never buy the most expensive either). I put the saw blade down and ended up buying three different ones for all the projects I have and invested in the high quality blades instead. While I didn’t want to spend that much I know my projects will be better and my stress level will be lower thanks to his advice.


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