Day 1,437 – Thankful for Calm, Quiet, and Occasional Solitude

This morning I got up and moving early, jumped on my bike, and headed out for an early morning ride. Riding in the dark while the world is waking up is an excellent way to chill while getting exercise. Sure, there were a few cars, but it was so much more peaceful and quiet than normal. I am thankful for the mornings when I’m disciplined enough to get up and moving while the rest of the world sleeps.

Over lunch I took a quick ride to a quiet little place in Winona that is a little secluded. I quickly ate while I sat in the car. The windows were down, the moon roof was open, and the sun was pouring in. Without hesitation I set the timer on my watch and proceeded to take a quick nap in the sun. A twenty minute snooze later and I was feeling ready to take on the world again!

When I put today in perspective I am thankful for the pockets of solitude I was able to carve out for myself. There was a lot going on today, many moving parts, and I spent time engaging with quite a few people. In the moments with others I was able to focus (and was very thankful for the time one of my teammates called me out when I wasn’t!) it was largely due to the moments of solitude helping to keep me focused. Having space to think really helps me function at the right level.

So today I’m thankful for occasional solitude, calm, and quiet. There’s so much more I can accomplish when I remember to carve out time to be still and enjoy the quiet.


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