Day 1,435 – Thankful for a Non-Traditional Start to the School Year

Nothing like embarrassing the boys by getting that first picture of them before they hop on the bus to start the school year… oh wait… umm… so… Do we take pictures of them online, on the couch, driving through the school parking lot to get their materials, or of their “home office” set ups? Hmm… or maybe we’ll just go with this instead:

In all seriousness, talk about a start to the school year the boys will never forget! Gavin had his first round of online classes starting bright and early at 7:30am. Instead of sitting in a classroom he was on the couch with his iPad on the coffee table. Dominic’s first day consisted of picking up his materials via a socially distanced drive through in the school parking lot. He spent most of the day getting his room set up to be his virtual classroom, complete with standing desk!

Is this the way we’d like to have the school year start? Nope, but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt. I’m thankful for how well the schools have responded to be ready for this school year. Both of the boys have a complete class schedule that will keep them busy, focused, and learning throughout much of the day. They have set up social interactions via the virtual classrooms to help the kids connect. Never would I have thought I’d be excited to hear a smiling Gavin say, “So-and-So said we need to stop spamming the chatroom during the break so then even more of us did!” How great to hear him having fun with classmates again? He was so happy to share that some of his friends were in his class with him. I’m sure Dominic will have some similar experiences once his online classes start tomorrow.

Of course I can’t wait for the boys to be back in school IRL (in real life), but that’s not in the cards right now. I’m thankful for the alternative that the school district and teachers have put together in the meantime. I can’t begin to imagine how much their lives have had to change over these past six months! Thank you to all of the teachers who are finding ways to help keep kids learning and growing through this challenge!!!

To everyone involved in the school year starting today – thank you!!! This hasn’t been easy, we’re all learning as we go, but thank you for a very successful start to the school year; as non-traditional as it may be. In helping the kids see how you react and respond to challenges like this you’re helping them learn resilience through positive role modeling. It is different and not easy, but it will help us all grow through adversity.


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