How could I not be thankful for Becky today? Funny thing is that I’m finding myself more and more thankful for her each day. Whatever life throws our way we’ll continue to figure out a way to keep on smiling, growing, and living.

Going through all of the pictures from the past year pretty much blew my mind. So many memories over the past 366 days!!! What I found especially wild was how much we did in the first six months of her forties – I can’t believe we packed in as much as we did. Even when COVID hit we found a way to continue to pack more adventures in during the last six months.

My life is complete when I have the opportunity to create and share so many memories with her. The times we spend adventuring (on vacation and at home) are always appreciated. Her smile brings me joy in even the toughest of times, her love inspires me to be better than I would be without her, and her grit and determination push me to work harder. Beckys brings out the best in me and my life is so much more full of joy thanks to her!

The pictures I pulled from the past year left me smiling and chuckling. One thing I noticed is that if she could only choose one family member to live with the rest of her life the boys and I would be out of luck the boys. See what I mean when you look through the pics?

At least there was ONE with Lulu 😉
She’s cute even when she’s using her arm as a ruler to help me buy the right light bulbs! 😉

Happy Birthday Becky!!!


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