Day 1,422 – Thankful for Becky’s Ability to Help Me with My Weaknesses / Idiosyncrasies

When I opened up the fridge to grab my lunch this afternoon I saw this…

You might be wondering how this is something I could be thankful for. Kind of strange, right? An apple on a Tupperware container full of food? Yes, I am totally thankful for this.

Fun fact about me: If I can’t see something it doesn’t exist. My mind is very visually oriented and I have some weird minor issue with objet permanence. Want to hide something from me? Put it in a cabinet and close the door. Poof! You made it disappear! I won’t even remember it existed until I open the cabinet to retrieve something else.

This weird trait extends to food in the refrigerator. If it’s not near the top or close to the door I just don’t see it. This morning I was giddy when I “discovered” a stash of sparkling water in the back of the fridge, pushed in about 18 inches from the front.

Becky realized I’ve been forgetting to eat my apples. She verbally reminds me, I thank her, I think about eating them, and then… what were we talking about? 😉 Today she remembered how my brain worked and pulled off a trick that had me smiling for many reasons. By setting the apple on top of my lunch I couldn’t help but remember to eat my apple! How awesome is that???

Thanks for helping me out using a strategy perfectly tailored for me!


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