Day 1,420 – Thankful for Getting Back to Normal-ish

Tonight was a bit different than the past weeknights. Monday nights in particular have been focused on yoga in the park with Becky followed by supper, a walk, and then blogging. About the only part of that which remained tonight is happening right now – the blogging.

Thanks to the efforts of Gavin’s soccer club to find ways to keep the players and coaches socially distanced during practices Gavin had his first night of soccer in well over 8 months. Talk about a quick switch back to the old normal!

Becky hit yoga solo. Dominic and I dropped off Gavin at practice and then headed to the YMCA. We worked out in masks in a very spaced out and quiet fitness area and then headed back to pick up Gavin. Becky had the pizzas in the oven and just about ready by the time we walked in the door. The boys and I devoured the ‘za and here we are. After this I’ll be reading in bed for a little bit, go to sleep, wake up early and do it all over again tomorrow. Back to the old normal!

It’s kind of crazy. Back in February I found this exhausting. Today I found it wildly refreshing! When normal is no longer normal it truly feels better to get back to normal. What’s changed? Really nothing but my perspective. Again, another reminder of the power of choosing my mindset. I can either find it tiring or refreshing, it’s up to me to put the context to it.

Deep thoughts aside, whew, normal-ish felt pretty damn good!


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