Day 1,370 – Thankful for a Nonstop Thrill Ride of a Week That’s Left Me Feeling Exhausted AND Refreshed & Relaxed

I’m feeling pretty exhausted tonight. In a very good way. It’s been 11 days since I was last at work. Thinking back on it now I am kind of in shock. How exactly did we fit that much life into that period of time? Over one thousand miles of driving. Activities of some sort or another with family each and every single day. Finding ways to work some alone time in as well. In many ways it seems like the week and a half off has been more like a month or two! How awesome is that? Bonus time without having to take bonus time!

When I put it all together my head is spinning a bit. Not out of being tired or over exertion or anything, rather trying to figure out how we broke the time space continuum. For reals, when I put it all together I’m not sure how this all worked out so well:

  • Friday night: Pack up for camping / dollar store challenge
  • Saturday: Dollar Store Challenge – wilderness survival with the boys and Steve
  • Sunday: Come home from camping, go out on the boat, pack up to leave on Monday
  • Monday: Drive up to the UP, spend time on Lake Superior, go for a long walk
  • Tuesday: Walk the Lake of the Clouds area – 8+ mile hike, go for a walk after supper
  • Wednesday: Hike the Mirror Lake trail 8+ miles, long family bike ride
  • Thursday: Drive to waterfalls, go to top of Copper Peak, chill on the beach of Lake Superior
  • Friday: Long bike ride on way home, drive to Union Grove, have a wonderful time hanging out with family
  • Saturday: Uncle Frank’s funeral, drive back to La Crosse, family walk, chill for a movie on the couch
  • Sunday (today): Early AM bike ride with Becky, out on the boat with the boys, read in the sun on the beach, games with the boys, family walk, chill time

Dang, I’m even more exhausted after I read the list again! That said, it’s a wonderful kind of exhausted. I’m not stressed, worried or dreading going back to work, nothing like that. I’ve got that same deep state of chill I’ve had all week long.

The funny thing is that this all happened off an idea Becky had not too long ago. We were supposed to have a couple of other vacations this year but COVID had other plans for us. I’m so glad she talked me into taking a week off to do a mini vacation like this, it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Time to head off to bed, I’ll take all the sleep I can get tonight (and probably tomorrow night too!).


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