Day 1,355 – Thankful for Playing In the Dirt, Car Time with the Boys, and Typing Under Our Newest Deck Project

Today presented itself with a unique opportunity to play in the dirt and I totally took it! I had so much fun (for reals) playing shoveling, leveling, and compacting dirt. Ahh, who am I kidding? It really felt a lot like playing! The hours flew by while thoroughly enjoyed the time outside. Isn’t if funny how much my attitude impacts how much joy I find in an activity? If I looked at the same activity as work it would’ve been more of a drag. By looking at it as fun the time flew by and I had a blast!

The boys and I had a nice long ride home afterwards. Again, I’m amazed at the power of my attitude. I know some rides of 30 minutes that have drug on like an eternity. Today? The two and a half hour drive flew by! The boys were both in talkative moods. The whole drive back we shot the bull, joked around, talked about their adventures from the past week, and had a great time. Spending time with them when they were both in that outgoing and upbeat mood was AWESOME!!!

Lastly, I’m thankful for writing this post while sitting under our newest deck project. Over the past week we’ve been putting in lights so we can enjoy some additional outside time during the summer. Tonight we had just enough time to put up the lights and then chill under them for a little bit. Once I’m done typing I’ve already got a book ready to go and then it’s total chill time. Spending time reading on the deck under our new lights makes it all the more peaceful.


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