Day 1,353 – Thankful for a Day Flying By

Whew – what a day! From the point I woke up until now it’s been a flurry of activity. Even Becky made a comment about how much time I spent on calls and Zoom meetings. In between it seems like I was either finalizing proposals, prepping for later conversations, or churning out emails to clients and teammates. After work Becky had supper already cooked which was awesome! We ate, went for our walk, and then I hopped online with some friends for some gaming.

It felt like today flew by like the bobsled around a corner!

Throughout the day there were many awesome things that happened. It seemed like there was much positive progress mixed among obstacles, both expected and unexpected. There were some frustrating moments as well. The overall feel of the day has been positive balanced with exhausting.

So while the day has been exhausting I am thankful for how fast it has flown by. It has been a day that flew by in the blink of an eye. The pace of the day was tiring, but invigorating at the same time. There is a rush to days like this that remind me of how much can be accomplished with focus, planning, adaptability and resilience.

To be sure, I hope tomorrow is a little more normal pace. That said, I’m thankful for the pace today – it’s been a crazy, yet great day!


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