Day 1,316 – Thankful for Seeing Signs of Progress and Opportunities for Improvement

There were more than a few times today when I had to pause and recognize the progress I’ve made in certain areas.  At times I caught myself doing the right thing by not taking action and pausing to allow room for others.  At other times I caught myself taking action when I previously would not have.  In either case I paused and took a second to see how I’ve made progress over the past weeks, months, and days.

Similarly, there more than a few times today when I had to pause and realize that I had opportunities for improvement.  Sometimes it was when I caught myself not taking action when I should have.  Other times I was jumping in when I should have paused.  In either type of situation I realized that I have a long ways to grow and much progress to make.

How interesting to have both thought patterns co-existing equally on the same day?  Today I’m thankful for both sensations as it helps me appreciate something else; I’m taking time to pause and examine the gap.

Father Mark always did such an amazing job of talking about recognizing the gap between who we are and who we are called to be.  He reminded us to be cognizant of it and to find ways to close it.  A day filled with mixed emotions like this helps me see that I am indeed paying attention to it.  It also is a day that helps me see that while I’ve made progress I still have a long ways to go.

For clarity, that’s not a cry for help or anything like that, rather it is a very healthy understanding and acceptance of my current shortcomings.  Today there were several things that I look back upon and realize I should’ve done or handled differently.  In recognizing them I’m able to start thinking ahead to how to handle them differently in the future.  By recognizing the gap I can work to close the gap.

On the flip side, it is nice to see progress made as well.  If there’s only ever the gap I’m looking at it would be so difficult to stay upbeat and willing to keep pushing forward.  If there were no signs of success it would be tough to motivate myself to push ahead and grow.  Growth is difficult and involves change, status quo is always the easiest option.  In seeing progress I’m reminded that I have the ability to close the gap.  Even no matter how incremental it is within my own power and control to act the way I should at all times.  I’ve made progress, I can see the progress, and I can make more progress.

So today I’m thankful for seeing both the signs of progress and opportunities for improvement.  I’ve moved the dial in the right direction and I can see how to move the dial a little more tomorrow.  It won’t be perfect and I doubt I’ll ever get the gap completely closed, but days like today will help me continue moving forward.



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