Day 1,314 – Thankful for Help in My Workshop and Home AND Away

This afternoon I made more progress on my workshop.  At this point I’m thinking it’ll probably be a lot like the house.  Just when I think I’m done there’s more I could do with it.  Today I cut and painted the “trim” for the wall / ceiling transition.  Nothing fancy, just some 2×4’s to add a little extra color, close the gap, and provide additional storage capacity.  Once that was done I added some shelves behind the drawbridge style door to provide some additional storage space to free up more usable workshop space.  Throw in some cleaning and I spent more time up there until I realized as I started writing this.

The time working alone at times was very peaceful.  It’s funny how my mind wanders when I’m doing different tasks.  In some ways it’s that time for me to get all “namaste and shit” like I wrote in a blog post a while back.

What was very wonderful and greatly appreciated were the times when I had some help.  Both Dominic and Gavin came out to help me out at various points throughout the day.  Gavin helped me paint.  Dominic helped me hold up the trim as I added it in.  Gavin came up and was keeping me company while I made the shelves which were built with the wood Dominic salvaged for me from the pallet the table saw arrived on.  There were many moments of conversation, moments of silence together, and moments of teaching the why and how to’s of what I was doing.  Spending time with them while being productive reminded me of some of my favorite memories of Dad.  Looking back I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work with him on projects and learn skills that I’ve been able to utilize the rest of my life.  Being able to share that knowledge while spending time with the boys is priceless.

There’ve been several times throughout the weekend when Becky’s pointed out where we would be and what we would be doing if the Safer at Home wasn’t a thing.  We both chuckle and talk about how nice it is to have time at home with the family.  Over the past month I’ve become more and more thankful for the “bonus time” at home.

This evening something popped up on my Facebook memories from four years ago.  On this day only four years ago Becky and I arrived in Australia for our first trip there.  Seeing pics for that first day brought back so many happy travel memories!  That trip was flat out ridiculous and amongst the most surreal vacations of my life.  I learned so much about other cultures, other countries, and about myself during our two weeks there.  As has been the case many times over the past month I’ve become more ad more appreciative of the “bonus time” away from home we’ve created.


How interesting is that balance?  The funny thing is that when I’m at home for an extended period of time I start jonesing for a vacation.  By the time we get to the end of the vacation I’m starting to miss my home.  I love my time at home.  I love my time away on vacation.  How beautiful to be able to create both?  I’m so thankful of my time home AND my time away.  The balance of the two seems to help me learn new things, apply them to my life, and then repeat.  Today I’m thankful for that balance.  In the moment it seems like there’s never quite enough of either, but when I look back it seems like it always balanced out just the way it was supposed to.


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