Day 1,312 – Thankful for Going to Bed with a Heart Full of Joy

Today I’m going to sleep with an incredibly full heart. Seemingly around each corner of the day was another reason to smile. To be sure, there were some frustrating moments as well; like when realizing we have a couple of windows that have some issues and a light fixture that just doesn’t want to get installed. When I look at the day as a whole those moments are so minor in comparison that it’d be easy to pass them by.

So why the heart full of joy today? Dang, so many reasons I am nervous that I’m going to forget a couple of the moments. Fingers crossed for a full memory!

* I had a great time running with Becky to start the day. Sunrise, exercise, chill time, and starting the day together.

* Even with taking the day off I still recorded an #EXPRESSingGratitude video – I love making those videos!

* There were a couple of emails I took care of even though I was out and they both made me smile

* There’s another woodworking project I’ve wanted to take on for a while and this morning I just drew it up and started working on it. Gavin came out and helped me out a ton! It was so much fun making it with him and spending time in the workshop.

* When we were at a good place to pause Gavin and I headed to Brownsville to pick up our boat for the summer. I always enjoy spending time with Al, he reminds me of some of my favorite people from growing up in Phillips. This time around we even got into leadership and Scouts. As always, I enjoyed my time with him.

* Gavin and I had a wonderful time on our drive back. We shot the bull, joked around, and just hung out.

* At one point after lunch I realized that I had just read what might be the fourth generation #EXPRESSingGratitude challenge. How awesome that it’s getting legs and running??? Just thinking of all the smiles we’ve all shared with each other just blows my mind.

* Gavin had some work to get done so I went back upstairs and finished the project – it turned out pretty sweet!

* The boys helped me load up the boat and then we all headed out onto the water for the first pontoon ride of the year. Getting out on the water always feels like the official start to the summer for me. Getting out with the entire family made it all the better.

* Dominic asked if he could take over driving a short ways into the boat ride. I’m not going to lie, it was awesome having him take the wheel. The huge smile on his face as he took over was one of the highlights of my day.

* After the boat ride I went up to the workshop and started installing my new light fixtures in the workshop. The work went fairly well and I was able to quickly problem solve most of the challenges I ran into. Gavin joined me for much of the time up there and was a huge help.

* We had a great supper as a family and then went out for a family walk. Three of the four of us had plans with others so it was cool to spend a little extra time together. There were a handful of times when Becky and I commented that it felt like we’d packed way more than a day into the day already. What a great feeling of progress!

* On our walk I got a text from a friend that reminded me of why I am recording the daily gratitude videos. It hit me with the feels so much my eyes watered a bit. In a short text I realized that this is something I will continue for quite some time. Quite honestly, this will most likely turn into its own blog post at some point. Let’s just say it helped fan the flames of purpose.

* Once home I was able to hop online with some of my best friends and enjoy time playing games and shooting the bull. It was awesome!

Throughout the day it was exactly what I had hoped for on a day off and then some. Time with family, time alone, time with friends, time in thought, time creating, and time being grateful. It really feels like I’ve had a week of joy just today. If this was my last day I would be leaving on a high note. I am so thankful for a heart full of joy today.


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